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The ABC’s of Photo Organizing

Getting started with your photo organizing project  can  be  overwhelming.  Following  a few simple guidelines  can  make this process easier.  We  rely  on  the  “ABCs  of  Photo  Organizing”  to  stay  on  track. A  = Album   These  photos  are  the  most  important  and  belong  in  an  album and/or scanned and archived.  It’s  important  to understand  that  not  all […]

What is Digital Asset Management?

  Well, Dears, we hope you do! Digital Asset Management, or DAM, involves the creation of an archive; the preservation and management of digital assets with the search functionality, which allows end users to identify, locate and retrieve whichever asset they are looking for. Like what? – Documents – Prints that you’ve had digitized – […]

What Does A Professional Photo Organizer Do Exactly?

With digital cameras being so inexpensive and the ease in which we snap away with the cameras built into our phones, we are taking more photos than ever before. With this influx of digital photos spread across multiple devices, paired with the boxes of prints, slides and negatives, many of us can feel overwhelmed with the gravity […]

Off To College: A Parents Guide To Letting Go

Many of you know we are a Father-Daughter business, I still remember my parents tearful goodbye when they left me in Philadelphia to head back to Connecticut. I kept it pretty together until the moment they drove away, calling them right away in tears! So with that memory and college bound students beginning to leave […]

How long does a VHS tape last?

I hate to tell you, but VHS tapes won’t last forever! Even if your tapes don’t encounter water or fire damage, age can damage them all the same, so be careful on how long you debate! In the late 70’s we first saw the introduction of the video cassette recorder-player.  This completely changed our TV viewing habits […]

Employee Spotlight: Daniel Chevalier

1. Give Us a Quick Bio: I am 18 years old and going into my second year of college at Eastern Connecticut State University, majoring in New Media Studies. I graduated Stonington High School last year and am hoping for a job in the cinematography field after my time at school. 2. What is your role […]

What To Do After You’ve Scanned Your Prints?

We have A LOT of customers that keep their hard copies after we digitize their memorabilia, more recently however, we’ve had some brave ones that don’t want them back and love the extra room they’ve created! So, maybe you’re one of those who want that hard copy feeling or maybe you’re thinking I’d love to […]

New Year – New Website

We just celebrated our first year in business and with that wanted to revamp our website. Please let us know what you think! I was told during an internship that a blog is like your businesses diary, a way for customers to connect with you. With our new website, we are hoping we can do […]