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Stereo Pictures

We scan many types of slides here at Charter Oak Scanning in Stonington CT. The oldest has been a glass slide from the late 1800’s and a number of stereo slides.  Stereo slides were very popular in the 50’s and 60’s as people started to travel around Europe after World War Two. Below is a […]

What is a 35mm Slide?

These small pieces of film were used by previous generations to capture a host of happy memories, creating an intense feeling of nostalgia. The memories captured on this small piece of film would then “magically” reappear as huge pictures on screens in the living room to relive these snapshots of a moment in time or […]

How to Organize My Photos – Step 1: Look and Collect

Many people find the task of organizing their photo collection to be daunting.  To help take the stress out of digitizing their collection we have put together a series of blog posts. These posts will assist in a step by step guide to that final vision of a digital collection that is safely preserved and available […]

Picture of the Week

  At Charter Oak Scanning we often scan this type of photo in our studio and many people have often wondered about the technique used on these old photographs. The Image Permanence Institute of Rochester Institute of Technology have given us an answer on their website with the following explanation:  “Highly decorated novelty postcards were extremely popular […]

Employee Spotlight: Robert Webb

Hello, I’m Robert Webb, CEO & Director of Sales at Charter Oak Scanning. We’re excited to give you an inside look into our company with an updated blog and Employee Spotlights! We hope this provides not only comfort but an understanding that we treat your orders not only professionally but as if they were our […]