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How to Organize My Photos – Step 1: Look and Collect

Many people find the task of organizing their photo collection to be daunting.  To help take the stress out of digitizing their collection we have put together a series of blog posts. These posts will assist in a step by step guide to that final vision of a digital collection that is safely preserved and available to be shared and treasured.

Step 1: Look and Collect

Pick a work space in your home that will let you spread out. It would be great if you have a spare room or a table in the corner of a room.

Gather all your supplies together such as plastic zip lock bags, index cards, note pads, garbage bags, bins, sticky notes and a number of felt tip pens.

Find all your photo albums, negatives, printed photos, slides, home movie film and VHS tapes of all types.

Now take a deep breath and take an overview of all the items. This will help you get a good idea of the scope of the project you are about to undertake.

Bob’s Tip: I suggest you have a favorite beverage close by, but not too close as we do not want to spill anything on your precious memories! This will help make this whole journey a pleasant and enjoyable!

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