1 Year Anniversary Image

New Year – New Website

One Year Anniversary Picture

We just celebrated our first year in business and with that wanted to revamp our website. Please let us know what you think! I was told during an internship that a blog is like your businesses diary, a way for customers to connect with you. With our new website, we are hoping we can do just that. Our relationship with our customers is an important one, it’s actually one that my Father has made perfectly clear should and will always be number one in our business, no matter how big our company may become.

Over the last year we have made many Memoir Videos, comprised of both video and photos of our customers or their loved ones, both passed and living. We’ve recorded 8mm film, transferred VHS tapes, scanned prints and slides – recapturing moments that have touched the hearts of our customers and in turn, touched ours too.

Please feel free to make transactions through our new website or by calling us directly in the studio at 860-495-0005. We are happy to ship nation-wide, within New England or even just state-wide.