Picture of the Week



At Charter Oak Scanning we often scan this type of photo in our studio and many people have often wondered about the technique used on these old photographs. The Image Permanence Institute of Rochester Institute of Technology have given us an answer on their website with the following explanation:

 “Highly decorated novelty postcards were extremely popular in Europe during the early 20th century. This silver gelatin postcard was manufactured in Paris, home to several major postcard publishing houses. The publisher’s trademark “KF” is located in the lower right corner of the card. The image was extensively embellished during and after the printing process. The white fleck pattern appears to have been added to the negative then further enhanced with glitter paints. Small sequins were strategically glued to the surface. The top right corner includes a handwritten note in Spanish. The sender, Carmen, has included the date in the bottom left corner: May 11, 1905.”


Image Permanence Institute – RIT