What Does A Professional Photo Organizer Do Exactly?

With digital cameras being so inexpensive and the ease in which we snap away with the cameras built into our phones, we are taking more photos than ever before.

With this influx of digital photos spread across multiple devices, paired with the boxes of prints, slides and negatives, many of us can feel overwhelmed with the gravity of pictures.

Our photo organizer, Elke, can provide a number of services from small to big to help customers get a handle on their media. Projects include:

  • Making it easier to find and share your memorabilia through file indexing and organization
  • Making a photo book, physical or digital, to share with friends and family
  • Preserving precious archival prints and slides using archival boxes
  • Organizing the important memorabilia to digitize in a way that makes digitizing affordable and logical
  • Backing up files in multiple places to prevent the loss of memorabilia through, fire, theft, crashed hard drives, failed external storage and natural disasters
  • Help determine your family story and what memorabilia can accompany a video memoir by Charter Oak Scanning

At Charter Oak Scanning, we are a proud member of the Association of Professional Photo Organizers (APPO). Founder of APPO, Cathi Nelson says “A photo organizer helps their clients find solutions for organizing, protecting, and enjoying their photos, videos and other important keepsakes and memorabilia. By doing so we bring a sense of relief and reassurance to our client’s lives, as their feelings of guilt and anxiety are replaced by the satisfaction of knowing that their memories can be enjoyed and are safe-guarded.”

All in all, the biggest asset to hiring a Photo Organizer is the value of time.  More time to spend with family and doing the things you love and ultimately, creating more memories.

– Candice W.