Glory Days aims to help schools and individuals preserve old games captured on 8mm, 16mm film and videos that may be lying around and deteriorating in schools, basements or closets. Plus the added bonus of a contribution as a school fundraiser! A contribution of every DVD sold to alumni and friends will go back to St.Bernard.

Alumni can purchase games from the 1965 season through the 2006 season and relive their moments on the gridiron and share such an exciting time of their life with current family and friends. A great present for the holidays at $24.95 per game or even better value buy a whole season!

The contents of any DVD purchased is property of St.Bernard School and may not be duplicated.

You may notice that there are some seasons where we do not have every game played in that season. If you should have a copy of those missing games on VHS or film then please contact rwebb@charteroakscanning.com and be part of preserving those “Glory Days” for years to come!