The ABC’s of Photo Organizing

Getting started with your photo organizing project  can  be  overwhelming.  Following  a few simple guidelines  can  make this process easier.  We  rely  on  the  “ABCs  of  Photo  Organizing”  to  stay  on  track.

A  = Album  

These  photos  are  the  most  important  and  belong  in  an  album and/or scanned and archived.  It’s  important  to understand  that  not  all   photos  need  to  go  in  an  album or  be scanned.  The  ones  you  choose  are  often  the  most  personal  and  cherished.  Less  is  more!    

B  = Box    

Photos  that  are  important  enough  to  keep  should  be  stored  in  archival  quality  boxes  for  long  term   storage,  or  backed  up  thoroughly  if  digitized.      

C  = Can  

These  photos  can  go  in  the  ‘trash  can’  or  your  delete  file.  Toss  duplicates,  blurry  or  unflattering  photos,   excess  scenery  photos,  etc.    

S = Story  

This  is  the  most  important  part.  Keep  any  photos  that  clearly  tell  a  story.   An  old  blurry  photo  may  have  your  Dad’s  first  car  in  the  background!  Be  careful  you  aren’t  tossing  your history.  

* * *

Sorting  Photos  

Our  natural  tendency  is  to  sort  chronologically,  but  with  a high  volume  of  photos  it  can  be   overwhelming.  You can also choose  to  organize  in  themes  that  represent  your  life such as weddings, vacations, birthdays, etc.

Safeguarding  Your  Photos  

We  recommend  that  you  backup  photos  in  3  ways.  Scan and archive the photos that are most meaningful to you and that you want to pass on to the next generation. Place a copy of your photo library on an external hard drive or archival DVDs, in addition to your computer’s hard drive. We also recommend storing your photos off-site, such as on cloud storage.