Elephant and 35mm slides

What is a 35mm Slide?

These small pieces of film were used by previous generations to capture a host of happy memories, creating an intense feeling of nostalgia. The memories captured on this small piece of film would then “magically” reappear as huge pictures on screens in the living room to relive these snapshots of a moment in time or “what used to be”. 35mm slides are actually not “negatives” as some people think, they’re actually “positives”. Most commonly, they are 1.375 x .875 inches of positive film, encased in a 2 inch piece of plastic or cardboard.

In previous times, memories were developed onto these 35mm slides after vacations, holidays or special events. In order to view them as a group or with others, people would have to congregate in the same dark room! However, Charter Oak Scanning is able to reproduce these moments by using leading-edge technology to capture each slide at a resolution of 4000 Dots Per Inch.

This resolution allows a large projection without loss of color or detail. The difference is that we can now share these moments without having to be congregated in the same dark room! No matter the distance, these slides can now be shared on through e-mail, DropBox, Google Drive, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and other various social media outlets! We can now also take these pictures and apply alluring special effects that would give Hollywood a run for its money!

We hope you will use Charter Oak Scanning as your 35mm slide scanning service, but whatever you do, don’t leave them stored away deteriorating! Recapture them with a U.S based scanning company who will look after them with the care they deserve. A scanning company can put your slides onto a DVD, flash drive or on your cloud based storage, which will be a new and easy way to view, store and share your pictures.

Meagan with Sample Slide

Our Summer Intern, Meagan, having fun with one of our sample slides in the studio!


If you’re on the road to learning more about reliving your captured past, let Don Draper of Mad Men lead the way. He does a wonderful presentation pitch for the Kodak 35mm Carousel… he truly says it all.



Katharine's Vault Elephants with Charter Oak Scanning Sample Slides

Of course a shout out to these infamous Elephant’s of Katharine’s Vault, a next door studio who restores and decorates furniture here in the Mill (CLICK HERE to check out her work and Facebook)