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What To Do After You’ve Scanned Your Prints?

We have A LOT of customers that keep their hard copies after we digitize their memorabilia, more recently however, we’ve had some brave ones that don’t want them back and love the extra room they’ve created! So, maybe you’re one of those who want that hard copy feeling or maybe you’re thinking I’d love to SOMETHING with these!

Well, we’re showcasing some of the ideas we’ve found for you over the next few days, while we’re bundled up here in the North East braving out Blizzard Colbie! If you find them too hard to make yourself or the resources provided don’t sell them, talk to us, we are dying to make them! Please click the hyperlinks to see the designers/bloggers websites and original blog post!

Family Diagrams

Idea #1: 

Family Photo Diagram via Cactus & Olive Blog

via Cactus & Olive

Blogger Loni from Cactus and Olive made this great family Photo Diagram, a little change from the “Family Tree”

Idea #2:

Instagram Style Wall Decor from iHeartOrganizing

via iHeartOrganizing

Blogger Jen from iHeartOrganizing has some great tips and ideas in general, but in this theme, we love this Instagram style decor she did with her pictures.

Idea #3:

Square Pictures Wall Decor by Wool Wool Stool

via Wool Wool Stool

Found this one while getting lost in Pinterest one day, here, Ingrid, from Wool Wool Stool used vacation-themed pictures, but family ones would be great too!

Idea #4:

Shadow Boxes by Crafty Sisters

via Crafty Sisters

Memory Shadow Boxes are fantastic, we have a lot of our customers creating these with bits of memorabilia and prints they’ve found. Or make one like this highlighting your family tree (after we’ve scanned the pictures of course!) that Candace and Nicole highlighted from the blog Crafty Sisters. We can design yours in conjunction with the talented Sarah Park of Sarah Park Fine Art Conservation Framing in the studio next door to ours!

Idea #5:

Heart Prints By Bree Walk on Flickr

via Bree Walk on Flickr

Just in time for Valentines Day coming up! This idea is great, we would suggest cementing the pictures onto pieces of wood to prevent curling and deterioration though. Found on on Flickr by Bree Walk.

More to come the next day or so! Depending on power here in Connecticut 😉

Stay Safe, Stay Warm and Happy Organizing!

– Candice W.